I am a member of two freelance outsourcing sites: Elance.com and Guru.com.

These testimonials have been taken from my work there, as well as my local clients. You’re welcome to look me up at Elance.com under my username “thefullstory” and at Guru.com under my service number 766260 to check the validity of any of these statements.

Past Client Testimonials

  • “Amazing product! This provider is one of the more brilliant freelance writers I have met.” -Geneffects Corp.
  • “Just wanted you to know that the copy has swag and we love it so much we’re hiring you for all of our content writing for our company!  I am excited to have you working with us and we’re looking forward to using your incredible skills.You write copy that makes cash registers ring and for that we’ll show our appreciation by giving you our repeat business and referring you to our current clients and the new ones you helped bring aboard.” -Keisha Walker, CEO All Star Team Service
  • “Working with this buyer was amazing. Project directives and expectations were clear, and someone was always available for feedback and further direction. This attention made the project go incredibly smooth! I enjoyed the work and would definitely work with this buyer again.”- Chris Guerrerio, author and TV host of Energy Factor TV
  • “Heather is absolutely 1st class. Fantastic communication – always available to bounce ideas around, and came up with a compelling and powerful sales copy in next to no time! Highly recommended, have NO doubt that Heather over delivers. Heather – I can”t thank you highly enough!”- Steve Fullman, LostTrafficSaver.com
  • “FANTABULOUS!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…”- Ed Edmundson, CEO EarthDivas.com
  • “I just read through the article, twice and Wow…just wow. I like the tone, the voice and the info. It’s fun, quick, and informative. I especially like the stats (as you can probably tell I love throwing this info out too!). I even like your recommendations, it matches perfectly. This is good, really good! I think I will use it for the July newsletter! I don’t see any changes to this, not one. I’m not sure what to say except thank you and I just wish I would not have waited so long to get started with you!” – Desiree Young, CEO, VentureWalk Business Partners
  • “I am absolutely thrilled with this provider’s work. The work went above and way beyond my expectations and was finished in an incredibly short period of time. It’s as if she went inside my brain and determined what I wanted and produced it. I will definitely use this provider in the future.” -MarilynJ55
  • “My experience with Heather was excellent. She was able to interview me an then nail it!”-Tony Kirkland, Inline Coaching, Inc.
  • “Heather was the BEST, we have not one neg about her. My boss is a perfectionist and was always finding one little thing he wanted to change and Heather did without a grumble and did exactly as he asked. She is terrific and we plan to use her expertise again. ” – Mary Barnes, PositioningSystems.com
  • “This provider is simply great. When I say “above and beyond,” she hit’s the frickin’ stars, man!””-Geneffects Corp.
  • “I’d highly recommend The Full Story. The work was done to an incredibly high standard and they hit the mark with the very first draft – no amends whatsoever! In my experience of briefing creative people this is a definite first! I can pay no higher praise than that.” -Platinum, LLC (U.K.)
  • “The Full Story more than met my expectations. Her grasp of writing copy that was interesting, effective and accurate (the info really fit my audience of business owners) impressed me. I’d recommend her a thousand times over and will hire her again.”-Desiree Young, CEO VentureWalk Business Partners
  • “Heather was ultra-fast in corresponding about this assignment, and I found her to be a creative asset to this project. The quality of her writing is excellent. I would not hesitate to work with her again.” -Javan Corp.
  • “Work was delivered before deadline and was right on target. The Full Story asked questions to understand the business and project. Excellent job.” -Lisa McGee, SniffyMcGee.com
  • “Working with The Full Story was a pleasure. I”m very pleased with the result. Work was delivered as scheduled, or earlier. The deliverables were spiced up with creative ideas and, they were always willing to come up with alternative solutions. I would love to work with them again.” -Gal Z.
  • “When I started my trade magazine, The Builder’s Journal, some years ago I needed a good writer. In the publishing world you are always against deadlines, and if you aren’t organized you’re left behind. After using a few different writers I came across Heather. Her speed, professionalism, and desire to do a good job made her the perfect fit for my small team of elite professionals. In today’s fast paced business world, companies need reliable professionals. That’s why I continue to use Heather’s services.” -Matt Miotke, Editor/Publisher of The Builder’s Journal Magazine, NE WI
  • “We are working with this writer on another project. Great work and done quickly.” –Silkbow.com
  • “Excellent writer. I received a great service. Highly recommend and I will use Heather for future work.” -Evan Mangan
  • “Excellent work. Really quick turnaround on all the articles, very creative with her writing. It was truly a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her again on future articles for our magazine.” -Abi Babajide, Campus Recruit Magazine
  • “For my first experience with Elance I could not have picked a better person.” -S. Coaston
  • “Heather is easy to work with……produces quality work on time. We have used her now for several projects and will continue to do so. Thanks.” -Silkbow.com
  • “Heather did a great job and I plan to continue working with her. The budget was adjusted based on clarification of the project terms and was totally acceptable. Heather is a great writer and she captured the tone I was looking for and was very responsive. ” -Debbie LaChusa, 10StepMarketing.com
  • “Heather is doing a great job for us. She understands directions clearly, provides timely updates and completes projects ahead of schedule.” -Greg, www.GWLittle.com